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Andres Ossa mastologo

International Patients

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  • Colombia is starting to see an increase in medical tourism and eight of the hospitals in Medellin are ranked among the best in Latin America. Foreigners coming to Colombia for medical treatment especially from EEUU, Canada, Caribbean island, and Antilles.

    Why visit a Breast Surgeon in Medellin?

    • We know about your need for an experienced specialist in breast pathology that could help you with your trouble. In our center your appointments would be Priority
    • I have over 5 years experience in management of patients with breast cancer
    • I operate about 450 new cases of breast cancer annually
    • Part of my training was at the MD Anderson Cancer Center (Fellow Observer), which allows me to offer international standards of management in breast pathology
    • We operate only in clinics with Level III certification and Quality standards (Clinica Las Americas, Interquirofanos, Quirofanos el Tesoro)
    • We speak English
    • We have agreements with plastic surgeons, breast oncologists and clinical radiotherapists in the city in order to guaranteed the best for your case.
    • we are active member of the American Society Breast Surgeons and the Colombian Society of Mastology
    • We Have at least 10 papers Published some of them in International Journals.
  • Altitude


    4,839 feet (1,475 meters) above sea level.


    The average temperature throughout the year is approximately 75 ºF (24 ºC).
    Long-distance Calls

    Long-distance Calls

    International country code +57; Medellín's city code is 4.


    Colombian Peso. The peso's value in US dollars fluctuates throughout the year, based mainly on the global economy.
    International Time

    International Time

    The time in Colombia is Greenwich Time + 5 - Bogota


    Water from Medellín's aqueduct is potable and apt for human consumption.



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Teléfono: (57 4)444 6371
Torre Médica El Tesoro, Torre 2
Piso 17, consultorio 1760
Cra. 25a N° 1a Sur-45.
Medellín - Colombia
Consultorio Andres Ossa

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